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Little Notes

Hey Friday, I've been waiting for you! 
Hey Gungor, Your song 'Beautiful Things' is perfect for me right now.
Hey Work, I like you.
Hey Melvin*,  Your rattling and jerking has got me worried. ARE you out of oil?
Hey Susan May Warren, You make me laugh. Hard.
Hey Lime Green, You REALLY look great on my wall. I'm serious.
Hey Volley Ball, I will see you tonight.

Hey Europe,
I wish you were here. Or I was there. I miss you.
Hey Friends, What would I do without you?

*Melvin is my little, old, cute, yellow VW Bug.


...I become a waitress. After being hostess for 7 months (and loving it), I have begun training for waitress. It's a lot to take in and remember, but the other servers have been patient with me while I forget and stumble my way through serving tables.  A big thank to my Mother for sewing my apron for me late Sunday night. I needed it at 6:30 Monday morning and my sister got married the day before so there was no time to make it until then.