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The One Where We Move

It was drizzling and grey the day we moved into our second story apartment. After mad dashes up and down the stairs and through the droplets of rain, we finally closed the door and stared dismally at our damp belongings thrown hurriedly in piles about the room. There was no bed, no table, no place to sit, and most importantly, nothing to eat. It was not a cheery beginning to our new life in a new state. What had we done? In theory, I loved the idea of moving to a brand new place. A clean slate. New places to explore. New friends to make. I was optimistic. How naive. After a few hours and more than a few $$, we managed to procure an air mattress, a few towels and cooking utensils and enough groceries to get us by until we could plan a bit better.
Never underestimate the cheering power of cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I’ll forever be thankful that we moved in on a Saturday. That gave us the weekend to organize a bit and gather our wits before Monday came. Ugh. The Husband started h…