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These are some wonderful friends from work. The other night, after we were all done with our shifts, we headed off to another restaurant where another friend is a waitress. We, of course, compared the food, menus, waitresses, etc. to 'our' place.   We all felt large afterwards, so we went on a walk. Leah is on the left (she is a waitress) and Sharon is on the right. (She doesn't work there anymore.) 


This group of people are the best. We got to hang out all weekend. (They even came to visit me at work. Bless their hearts.)  :: Out for a little Sunday drive. This is how we roll. (Also how we get the neighbors to look.) ::  :: We look normal... ::  ::...but we aren't...::  ::Want to know how you almost get kicked out of the Walmart parking lot??? Try doing this sort of thing in front of the store. :: Yup. It was a blast. Some of things we did:
Volley ball (until we were sick of it)
Ice cream (yum!) Do NOT sit on TOP of the picnic tables. It makes the workers grumpy. (Who knew that was against the rules?)
Rides in my new car (Isn't he adorable?) The guys found a new way of making the tires squeal. Lift the car from the back, rev it up and drop it. It works!!!
The telling of lots of lame jokes ('Shut up turkey, I know what I'm doing.')
Eating popcorn around the fire until we were blue in the face.
Becoming Walmart greeters (boy were we good!)
Should I mention the …