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Amish Wedding

A good friend from work got married this week. It was my first Amish wedding. It was fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even down to the hard benches we sat on for the ceremony.  A lot of us waitresses and past waitresses were servers for lunch and supper. We literally laughed all day. Somehow, no matter how different we are, working together has made us all close friends. Aren't the colors pretty? Huge thank you to my friend Lynn for sewing this dress for me.  Sadly I wasn't able to sneak a picture of the bride as she was surrounded by people all day.

Snapchat...Yes, it is Lazy to Post This

Here are a few moments from snap chat... Reunited with Diane...we were great friends in Florida.  When your car's battery dies and your mom comes with jumper cables.  Occasionally the brothers call and say, "want to go get ice cream?" And we do.  Emily is a dear friend. Level headed and loyal.  The joy we feel when we walk out after a long day of work...