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Checking In From Florida

I have a lot of catching up to do. In particular, a month of wandering around Europe. But right now, this is where I am. Florida. I moved to the sunshine state for almost 5 months. It's now been a little over a month and I still have to stop and just breathe and be glad I am here. The job is the same as last season, (Waitressing at an Amish style restaurant) but there are new friends to make and adventures to have and places to live in. (3 different places throughout the winter, to be exact.) This is new friends and old. Lynn, who is a friend visiting for 2 weeks. I actually met her last winter in this very town and we became best friends in short order. Then there is Amanda, who we met a little over 2 weeks ago and has been a great addition to our group. That's her brother, Chris, behind us. Linda (better known as Lu) is a friend and coworker of mine from up North and I'm so happy because she decided to come down to work as well.  Keva Juice is a favorite place of mine. …