Sunday, August 31, 2014


This past Sunday my church had an outdoor service and a whole entire day of fun. It was epic. (Overused word, I know.) Games were played. Soft ball. Volley ball. Prisoners base. Frisbee. There was lots and lots and lots of conversation. And singing. And laughter. We crack ourselves up over how completely hilarious we are. And there was sunshine. Most of us got burnt like toast. Have I mentioned that it was amazing?! There is just something about a group of people who love Jesus and love each other. The joy is overflowing.

 You have to hear this group. They sound amazing together. And that's my own Jess on the far right. Gorgeous Rosanna with the golden voice is next to her, with her handsome husband, Bradley. That is Silas on the left. All of these grand people that I am proud to know.
Father and son moment.
 Jeremy and Jared...brothers who are talented like you wouldn't believe. They have their own music cd out. In fact, more then one.
 The bubble machine was a stroke of genious. Who doesn't love bubbles floating through the air?!
This is me, of course, with my second to youngest brother Trevor (on the right) and his very best friend, Kurt. They are a month apart in age and have been best buddies since they were born. 
Just had to put this picture in. Here is Dominique. Really, you have to see him in real life. His eyes, his hair, his adorable little outfits. He is like a baby model. Melt-worthy!!!

This is all of us wonderful people at the service in the morning. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Although I don't do it nearly as often as I used to, when I'm not waitressing, I do still babysit. The 3 on the right are foster children and I have soft spot in my heart for them. 
 I love these kids. And most of the time they love me. 
I can't say I am an expert at childcare. Or even very good at it. But we have some good times. Like when we sing along (loudly and off tune) to songs from Frozen and Tangled. Yes, I do resort to bribery in the form of popcicles when the occasion arises. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I don't care how cliche matching outfits are. There is just something about wearing the same shirts as your best friends that makes you feel special. To me anyhow. 
On Sunday Jess, Rosanna and I wore polka dot shirts. A great find from Target (which we all love). We were called the triplets. Ack! I'd love to look like either one of these beautiful ladies. But I'm pretty decently happy to just be friends with them. And wear a matching shirt. =)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Jess!

 To celebrate my friend Jess's birthday, a bunch of her friends got together and we spent the day together just having fun. We shopped. We ate. We laughed. We sampled ice cream. We saw some falls. 
 It was a nice relaxing day. 
In the evening the guys joined us for supper at Olive Garden...those bread sticks. Ack! I love them!
We then went and played Laser Tag. It was my first time, but it will not be my last!!!
 A happy birthday to my dear friend Jess!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

23 Pictures

Today is my birthday. I am now 23 years old. Crazy, eh? In honor of becoming this outstanding age, here are 23 lovely little photographs from my past year. They are not organized according to how things happened and I apologize for repeats from past posts. 

1. Trotting around Europe with these lovely people. It was indescribably amazing. 
2. I love wild and crazy friends. It adds a certain spice to my life. 
 3. I went skiing. Twice. And caught cold and was sick for a good long time. 
 4. Drove my beloved 'Melvin' around. That car. The cause of a lot of stress in my life because of certain random breakdowns. But I'm quite attached. 
5. My church moved into a new building. This is from the dedication. Something I love about Cornerstone is that there is a lot of prayer. This year I saw so many different prayers answered. It's changed my life. 
6. Shopping with the coworkers. Truly love these girls!!!
7. One of my best friends ever. Jess is an inspiration to me and I trust her with my deepest darkest secrets. 
8. I went to New York for a wedding and got to see old friends and make new ones. My favorite thing to do. 
9. I had a lot of ice cream and coffee and work de-stressing with this pal. We are actually 6 years apart, but our hearts are the same age. =) Sherri is one of a kind.
10. Jamming after church. Because my church is cool like that. 
 11. I can't tell you how much I love my friends. Beka is one I couldn't live without.
12. Sylvia...we've known each other for probably the longest of all my friends. And Sophia and Sarah are perfect baby size, aren't they???
13. A snowy afternoon picture. Believe me, there was a LOT of snowy afternoons this winter. 
14. There were a few evenings in which we all got together and played volley ball. 

15. Shopping with my little friends. Both of them. =) 
16. I worked. A lot. Still doing that. Some days are good. Some days are bad. 
17. Out with the pals. Some of my best memories are with these girls. 
 18. My sister got married. We all got dressed up. Here are the results. 
 19. A quick weekend visit to these folks. 
 20. My friend and her baby. Both adorable.
21. I spent a lot of time with these people. Especially my sister-in-law. My brother was incredibly smart to have married her. 
22. My family. We laugh a lot. Over inappropriate things. We fight a lot too. But then we start laughing again. 
I don't know what this year will be like. No idea, in fact. But there are amazing possibilities out there. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Independence Day

I know, it's been over a week since the 4th of July, but here are a few pictures of my day. 
In the forenoon my siblings and I went to a small town parade. My brother had one of the 'floats' with his diesel repair shop. 
 A couple of us kids.
I had to work the dinner shift. Because people still want to eat, even on holidays. Afterwards my fellow coworker friend and I went to Walmart, bought a quart of ice cream and some plastic spoons and ate it out in the parking lot. Yay for freedom!!! =) 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In Which I Sing

This past week there was a Christian music camp going on at a local church. I was working and couldn't make it to classes, but I joined the mass choir that practiced in the evenings. My voice is nothing great, trust me, but I love singing. 
There was a dress code. You had to wear a dress to practices. Not having any, I borrowed a couple from some Amish coworkers. It was incredibly...interesting wearing amish dresses. For one thing, they can't have zippers. I had to have help several times to get those things on and off. My head had the hardest time getting through the little neck hole. 
I added the belt to make it look a little dressier. Plus I wear belts whenever possible.
I have very few pictures from the week. We sang and sang and sang. But, after the practices, there was always something fun to do. 
The one night a bunch of us coworkers had a sleepover. Since I was already wearing the dress, one of them lent me her cap and I became all the way Amish. =) (That's Leah, my good friend, next to me.)
Another night there was a volley ball game with old friends. This is Sharla and Sue.
One evening my friend Jess and I went shopping after practice and found this little guy. He looks slightly freaked out. Minions!!!
I stole this off her face book page, but here is Jess and Rosanna. A bunch of us choir members went out for coffee one evening. I love these girls. Aren't they gorgeous?!
This was the night of the concert. Sherri was very supportive and came to hear me/us!!! The concert itself was SO MUCH fun. I'll always be glad I joined. And always wish I had some more pictures to show for it.
Jess. Truly an amazing human being. She was also the one who convinced me to give the choir a try. 
Two more lovely people...Katrina and Bekah; they keep me laughing.
 As well as keeping me young. (Acting it, anyway.)
And that's all the pictures I have to show for such and amazing week.