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In Which I Turn 22

So....yes. I did turn the highest age I've ever been; 22. It actually wasn't as painful as it could have been. I had a pretty decent year.  I did some traveling...Vermont TWICE in two weeks. (Hiking was included.)  :: I went to Bible School and had a blast making new friends :: :: We went to a concert of one of our favorite singers; Will Stoltz :: :: My first snowmobile ride!!! ::
:: Skiing in New York with the greatest pals!!! ::   :: I got a job as cook and now hostess at an Amish style restaurant and I LOVE it. (And my coworkers.) :: :: A fun filled weekend with out of state friends :: :: My newest favorite picture because that's pretty much my relationship with my parents right there.:: "Live everyday like its your birthday." To celebrate my birthday, some of my bestest friends and I went for an evening on the town. We had a certain fiasco in which the fried ice cream was thrown in my face and chocolate and whipped cream was every where. As one of our Mexica…