In Which I Turn 22

 So....yes. I did turn the highest age I've ever been; 22. It actually wasn't as painful as it could have been. I had a pretty decent year.
 I did some traveling...Vermont TWICE in two weeks. (Hiking was included.)
 :: I went to Bible School and had a blast making new friends ::
:: We went to a concert of one of our favorite singers; Will Stoltz ::
:: My first snowmobile ride!!! ::

:: Skiing in New York with the greatest pals!!! ::
  :: I got a job as cook and now hostess at an Amish style restaurant and I LOVE it. (And my coworkers.) ::
:: A fun filled weekend with out of state friends ::
:: My newest favorite picture because that's pretty much my relationship with my parents right there.::
"Live everyday like its your birthday."
To celebrate my birthday, some of my bestest friends and I went for an evening on the town. We had a certain fiasco in which the fried ice cream was thrown in my face and chocolate and whipped cream was every where. As one of our Mexican waiters said, "I never see anything like it in my life!!!" Thankfully there was a thrift store nearby, so a new shirt for me was gotten and we laughed about it all night. (Poor Leah)
:: After supper and some flip flop shopping, we went to a ball game. And met up with another wonderful friend. This is: Aud, Sylvia, Leah, Sharon and me. ::
"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."

I'm looking forward to this coming year. Some fantastic things to look forward to. Stuff like...
Becoming a waitress
Being with friends
A canoe trip


Rissi said…
Happy (belated) 22nd birthday, Maria! What a fun post you put together - hope your day was great! :)

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