Various Things That I Love

I know, I post pictures of these friends quite often. Seriously though, if they were your friends, you would too. I am so thankful for them. And I'm trying to enjoy as many moments as I can with them before I leave for Florida. Yes, folks. I am moving to Florida. Not forever. Just for the winter. To work.  
While I am not crossing the ocean, I feel like this applies to me. This moving to Florida for 4 months makes me nervous, but I also look forward to the new adventures, new friends, new job. On the other hand, it is difficult to leave my friends and things familiar to me. Just like everyone else, change is not my favorite thing. But it is good for me. 
These are my parents. They are good people you should know. 
 My big brother Blake and I from way back in September, but I like the fact that we are both in the same picture.
 This is Marvin and Janice. I am privileged to attend the same church as them. You won't meet better folks then these. They invited my friend Jess and I to a banquet with them and we both felt so honored.
 Being a little strange, Sherri and I took this freaky picture and set it as someone's background picture on their phone to remind them that WE ARE WATCHING.
 This is my brother Logan. He looks quite decent. He IS quite nice. And he is single. ;-)
 Though not a fan of Pooh, I like this quote.
 My good friend Kaylee from Vermont came for a visit. She has a way of making people feel happier, just by being around her. And it made me so pleased that she and my other amazing friend (Sherri) hit it off so well.
 I laugh when I see this. My pretty sister, beautiful friend and my strange brother.


Sherri Troyer said…
I was smiling the entire way through this post =)
Rissi said…
Sweet post, Maria - it's always fun to put together a kind of update post. :)
Sandy said…
Nice! Miss you and those quite nice parents.. also the brother...:)
Olivia said…
Hello Maria! It was so nice getting to meet you last night:) And all the people we seemingly know together! I talked with the man who brought y'all and found out we knew him too...Mr. Sarlo. It seems to make the world a smaller place:) I really regret we didn't get a picture together last night. I meant to and then you had to leave! My sister and I ran out and looked for your car hoping you hadn't pulled away yet, but too late:/ Maybe we'll have another opportunity since you will be in our wonderful Sunshine State all winter;) We'd love to have you back again!
Again, it was so fun to finally meet you...we won't be stalkers anymore;)
Jansmon said…
Maria, you never talk about your blog! I only discovered it today. I was amazed to find photos of Jan and myself on here. Loved browsing.

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