Two Weeks Down Under (An Overload of Pictures)

Have I mentioned that I love to travel? Seeing new places and people and food and everything else is exciting to me. So, when I got the chance to spend two weeks in New Zealand, I jumped at the chance. Miraculously, my brother-just-younger-then-me agreed to be my traveling companion...which was brave of him. Especially considering the fact that he had never flown before or been outside of the country at all. 

This is just before our departure, Sherri was able to come along to drop us off at the airport. 
 Logan and I
About to go through security. I can admit to feeling nervous here. I have flown a decent amount of times, but trying to navigate various different airports outside of the country and finding the right flights is always a little nerve wracking to me. 
Almost there! 
New Zealand!!!
It is springtime over there. So lovely and blossoming.
The is Grace, the boat. We were able to take this out on the ocean. (I drove!!!)
New Zealand is drop dead beautiful. Pictures don't even start to do it justice. It was like living in a post card.
Putting a puzzle together with Natasha during some of our down time. 
You SHOULD have been there!!!
 We did a tremendous amount of hiking. But the views at the top were always worth it. On the right, btw, is Natasha, Daniel and Janel. Yes, they are the family I went to Europe with. They lived in NZ for 3 whole months and were so kind as to let Logan and I stay with them and show us around. 
Soaking up the view.
 This was at the beach of Split Apple Rock. 
 One of the coolest experiences, driving on the left side of the road, on the right side of the car. Ah...such fun!!!
It was brilliant!!!
 How many kilometers to New York?
 The lovely Janel...who is also a totally awesome cook!!!
 Daniel and Logan
 The middle of New Zealand!
 We love these people!
 All of us together in an 'us-ie' (plural of selfie).
 Our last full day in Nelson, New Zealand.
 On our flight home. We made it, safe and sound. Logan didn't seem to suffer from jet lag, but my days seemed messed up for a little while.
Unfortunately, Logan and I didn't get a picture together when we returned. The picture below is the day we got back. Reunited with my best friends, once again. L-R: Sherri, me (a little bleary eyed), Jess, Kaylee and Shan.


Sherri Troyer said…
i wish i could have gone on your trip with you=( someday we shall take a trip together=)
Sharla G. said…
The post I've been waiting for!!! Looks awesome. =)

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