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Yesterday we took the bus to a nearby town called Wurzburg to see some palace gardens. They were GORGEOUS!!!  Here are a bunch of pictures...which don't do justice to how lovely it was. I don't think I would mind living here.
Strolling along, trying not to look like tourists.
It's harder to be a statue then you would think...what are the others doing? Smiling isn't allowed!  I think we looked fairly convincing, don't you?  Natasha is used to seeing all these statues that are over here, so she has a pretty good idea of what they look like.  Ha ha!  If she was grey and made out of stone...  Shaped hedges...  Don't they look stunning together?!  It started to rain...and like all good Europeans, we were carrying umbrellas.

Old Friend

We were able to go spend the day with our German exchange student (and his family) from several years ago. Micha spent 5 months in the states with our family and went to the local high school. He became a great friend and it was great to see him again in HIS country. We all went to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. So much history and antique cars. Miriam (Micha's sis) and I Janel was impressed!  Micha, me, Janel, Natasha, Ahn and Miriam We went to the mall and did some shopping...and playing with Legos...who could build the highest tower After a wonderful dinner at Micha's place...(we learned how to open a chocolate package) we gathered for a group picture. Here we all are, minus Miriam. Was a wonderful day!!!


Janel and I have been keeping our eyes out for affordable tourist post cards on this entire trip...all through France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein.  For those of you who got (or will be getting) post cards, be THANKFUL. It was a long plotted process. =)

The other day we walked to the little post office and with a few German words, English words and sign language, we bought postage stamps. It was the cutest little post office with hand knitted baby clothes for sale. I think the post lady does it while she waits for customers. 


Natasha and I did some dress up this morning. We decided we are matching because we both have hair that gets extremely frizzy. One of the most important purchases made in Germany so far? A spray bottle for morning hair problems. Actually, it's basically an all day issue. 

If You Want More...

I'm not very talented at the blogging sort of thing. If you want to know more details of our adventures, see some nice edited pictures and read some good writing, go to.... Janel's blog: Ordinary and Beyond Drop her a comment too; we love to read what people have to say!!! =)

More Paris

Sorry, I'm not organizing my posts very well. This is from back in Paris. These are the macaroons we carefully chose to try. I thought the chocolate and lemon flavored were the best.  Natasha loved them!!!

I tried this dress on just for Dad...thought it looked like one of those costumes that yodelers wear. They have such pretty, quaint dresses like these around a lot, but the prices, sadly, aren't all that nice. 

Modes of Transportation

Natasha on the carousel  We rode the metro a lot. Thankfully Daniel knew what lines to take cause there were blue lines and red lines and I got all lost just thinking about it. All those underground places. We all learned pretty fast how to fit in with everyone else and by the end of our Paris stay, we were experts of the blank, bored look that everyone else had while riding.  I was, of course, always on the look out for cars like mine. (So sorry, Boaz, I'm sure you would have taken great care of my car while I was gone.)  People rode bikes everywhere. Guys in suits and ties took them to work.  There were a bunch of these. Not sure what they were, but figure several of my brothers could fill me in.  And, of course, walking. Everyone walks A LOT in Paris.

The Louvre

On Sunday we went to The Louvre. (Mom, am I spelling that right?) We waited in line to get in for over an hour.   Lots of violent artwork. Not a huge fan.  I DID like this guy's hair.  A famous painting.  Natasha and I  Lovely marble staircases Glad we went because it was kind of neat to see some of the paintings Mom forced us (ha) to learn about. But it was nice to get outside in the fresh air again.


You wouldn't believe the amount of steps in this city!!! Everywhere you go there are more steps to climb.  We climb 5 flights of stairs every night for our flat.   Here are just a few that we are resting on. some fancy historical place that i forget the name of.   All of our feet   YAY!!! More steps!!!  Natasha resting on marble steps at the Louve
I feel slightly proud for taking this with my little camera.  They have tiny little cups of espresso here. Bitter as all get out, even with sugar added. I didn't, however, get hyper afterwards, which is unusual.   Eating out on the sidewalk.  Moi