Modes of Transportation

 Natasha on the carousel
 We rode the metro a lot. Thankfully Daniel knew what lines to take cause there were blue lines and red lines and I got all lost just thinking about it. All those underground places. We all learned pretty fast how to fit in with everyone else and by the end of our Paris stay, we were experts of the blank, bored look that everyone else had while riding.
 I was, of course, always on the look out for cars like mine. (So sorry, Boaz, I'm sure you would have taken great care of my car while I was gone.)
 People rode bikes everywhere. Guys in suits and ties took them to work.
 There were a bunch of these. Not sure what they were, but figure several of my brothers could fill me in.
 And, of course, walking. Everyone walks A LOT in Paris.


Yoder Family said…
Those cars are Citroen 2CV. Whatever that is!! That is what I found on Google.
Love the idea of a guy in a suit, peddling to the office with his tie flying over the his shoulder! Perfect. Just like a movie! Oh, and jsyk....transportation is spelled w/ an "o" in the middle instead of an "e" ;P

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