Yesterday we took the bus to a nearby town called Wurzburg to see some palace gardens. They were GORGEOUS!!! 
Here are a bunch of pictures...which don't do justice to how lovely it was.
I don't think I would mind living here.

Strolling along, trying not to look like tourists.

It's harder to be a statue then you would think...what are the others doing?
Smiling isn't allowed!
 I think we looked fairly convincing, don't you?
 Natasha is used to seeing all these statues that are over here, so she has a pretty good idea of what they look like.
 Ha ha!
 If she was grey and made out of stone...
 Shaped hedges...
 Don't they look stunning together?!
 It started to rain...and like all good Europeans, we were carrying umbrellas.


I love this post so much! You guys were having so much fun; I could tell! And I must say, you did look slightly like statues ;)

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