The Louvre

On Sunday we went to The Louvre. (Mom, am I spelling that right?)
We waited in line to get in for over an hour. 
 Lots of violent artwork. Not a huge fan.
 I DID like this guy's hair.
 A famous painting.
 Natasha and I
 Lovely marble staircases
Glad we went because it was kind of neat to see some of the paintings Mom forced us (ha) to learn about. But it was nice to get outside in the fresh air again.


Sandy said…
I like that dude's hair to.
Boaz and Marae said…
Boaz wants to know why you did not leave your VW Bug with him! He says he would have taken good care of it!!!:-)
Anonymous said…
See, I knew it would be useful someday to put together those artist of the month notebooks!

Sharla said…
Even if it wasn't extremely interesting, at least it SOUNDS lovely. =)

Rissi said…
Lovely photos - looks like you and your family had a wonderful day, Maria. :)

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