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In Which I Sing

This past week there was a Christian music camp going on at a local church. I was working and couldn't make it to classes, but I joined the mass choir that practiced in the evenings. My voice is nothing great, trust me, but I love singing.  There was a dress code. You had to wear a dress to practices. Not having any, I borrowed a couple from some Amish coworkers. It was incredibly...interesting wearing amish dresses. For one thing, they can't have zippers. I had to have help several times to get those things on and off. My head had the hardest time getting through the little neck hole.  I added the belt to make it look a little dressier. Plus I wear belts whenever possible. I have very few pictures from the week. We sang and sang and sang. But, after the practices, there was always something fun to do.  The one night a bunch of us coworkers had a sleepover. Since I was already wearing the dress, one of them lent me her cap and I became all the way Amish. =) (That's Leah, …

5 Friends and a Bug

This was from a few weeks ago when one of our friends was leaving for a two month mission trip.   I love these girls. We have so many laughs together.