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Friends I Get To Spend Time With

My bestie, Sherri, was able to fly down for a quick, half week visit. We had an incredible time, catching up, eating junk food, walking, riding the scooter, watching movies and just laughing. Because Sherri always makes me laugh.  Sadly my 'Grandparents' went home last week. I miss hanging out with them.
I met Linda at the park a couple of weeks ago. Turns out we live in the same area and have mutual friends. She was one of the rare and wonderful people that I can just meet and instantly 'click' with.  Sherri, Emily and Marilyn are all coworkers of mine up North. And both Marilyn and Emily have been down here all winter as well.

 Taking time out of our day to pose with an Amish man and his buggy.  I love this friend.  And these goofballs.

Florida Continued

After my (joyous) return to the warm, sunny South, I continued having adventures.  Anna, Diane and I decided we were a biking gang. Our name: Sweet Thang Gang. Our motto: "Don't look at us".  We never forget this. Mostly because the Northerners don't let us. I've had visitors. Marvin and Jan, dear friends from church who practically adopted me are down for a month. (Or maybe I adopted them.) They take me to get ice cream. We have a lot of fun.
 Daniel and Janel, my world traveling buddies, were able to stop by for a quick visit. It was a blast showing them "nightlife" in Pinecraft. Where they roll up the sidewalks at 10.  I made some new friends as well. Rachel actually lives in my area up North, but we didn't meet till down here.  I had met Emily and Laronda before, but we didn't really 'click' till down here. The laughs with these girls were many  I love surprise visitors too. Tabitha dropped in at work and said hi.
 What have …

Visit Home

In the beginning of February I flew home for a short weekend. A family friend was getting married and I just couldn't miss that. I squeezed as many conversations and hugs and quality time with as many friends and family members that I could.  Congratulations, Tom and Sue!!! My beloved friend Sharla deserves a shout out. She is a loyal letter writing pal to me, even though I don't always get something written to her. And seriously, this girl is an absolutely AMAZING writer. I don't know how she does it. I was seriously overjoyed to spend time with Jess. A late night run to Walmart for ice cream was in order. And don't you wish you could be like us cool kids? Sunday afternoon...spending some of that quality time. Logan, Shan, yours truly, Jess and Japheth. And, of course, a breakfast on the day I flew back, with some of my favorite coworkers. Sherri (who is coming down in like 3 days. I CAN'T WAIT!!!), Deanna, LeAnna, me, Karen and Rosie.