Florida Continued

 After my (joyous) return to the warm, sunny South, I continued having adventures.
 Anna, Diane and I decided we were a biking gang. Our name: Sweet Thang Gang. Our motto: "Don't look at us".
 We never forget this. Mostly because the Northerners don't let us.
I've had visitors. Marvin and Jan, dear friends from church who practically adopted me are down for a month. (Or maybe I adopted them.) They take me to get ice cream. We have a lot of fun.
 Daniel and Janel, my world traveling buddies, were able to stop by for a quick visit. It was a blast showing them "nightlife" in Pinecraft. Where they roll up the sidewalks at 10.
 I made some new friends as well. Rachel actually lives in my area up North, but we didn't meet till down here.
 I had met Emily and Laronda before, but we didn't really 'click' till down here. The laughs with these girls were many
 I love surprise visitors too. Tabitha dropped in at work and said hi.

 What have I been doing otherwise?
Going to the beach. At least once a week, but lately twice or three times. I mean, WHY NOT?!
 Playing volley ball at the park. They play every night. And yes, while you may not know a single soul there, you get to recognizing the faces after a while. (Until they go home and the next batch of vacationers come in.) Also, I've made some nice friends this way.
 Pretty much every week a bunch of us coworkers go to my 'Florida Mom's' place and eat cinnamon rolls and play games and watch tv and just generally hang out. It's the best of times.
 And let's not forget work. We all do a lot of that. And when we are done, we scoot home. #Pinecraftscootergang
 Emily and I on her 23rd birthday at a favorite down here, Keva Juice.
 Scooting to and from work is actually a nice part of my day. I love seeing all the people as a fly (?) by. And people know me (or is it my scooter?) so it has a good hometown feel.


Sherri Troyer said…
1 mores stinking night and i will be down there with you, HALLELUJAH!!!

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