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New Patterns

I came across this picture of an acquaintance of mine in a dress that I LOVED. But I didn't have her pattern...
However, I DID have the pattern from my bridesmaid dress and it had some similarities to the dress above ^^...
So...with the help of Kaylee (see post below) we modified my pattern and used the picture I had as a map of sorts and this was the finished product. I really love the way it turned out!!!

The Rest Of January

Our good friend Kaylee came all the way from Vermont for a 2 week stay. Kaylee and I are both a we had some great times and adventures together.
~ Taking Josh's car to get new tires...ok, so we didn't know what kind of car it was. We just told the tire guys that it was the purple one that was parked crooked. ~ Singing LOUDLY and off tune with our favorite songs. You know, sometimes those songs get the lyrics wrong. But we sang them right. =)
~ Watching movies and laughing hysterically over scenes while our poor sisters sit there blankly. Apparently they aren't quite up to our level of humor. ~ Made two dresses - one in 4hrs & one in 3hrs....Ok. Well, Kaylee made them. She can't stand the way I sew. And I was more then happy to keep her amused and be there for the fittings. Thanks, Kaylee, I love the dress!!! (Because she wasn't there to rescue it in time, the 1st dress has a rather LARGE neck.)
~ Went shopping together several times...and we c…