The Rest Of January

Our good friend Kaylee came all the way from Vermont for a 2 week stay. Kaylee and I are both a we had some great times and adventures together.
~ Taking Josh's car to get new tires...ok, so we didn't know what kind of car it was. We just told the tire guys that it was the purple one that was parked crooked.
~ Singing LOUDLY and off tune with our favorite songs. You know, sometimes those songs get the lyrics wrong. But we sang them right. =)
~ Watching movies and laughing hysterically over scenes while our poor sisters sit there blankly. Apparently they aren't quite up to our level of humor.
~ Made two dresses - one in 4hrs & one in 3hrs....Ok. Well, Kaylee made them. She can't stand the way I sew. And I was more then happy to keep her amused and be there for the fittings. Thanks, Kaylee, I love the dress!!! (Because she wasn't there to rescue it in time, the 1st dress has a rather LARGE neck.)
~ Went shopping together several times...and we could always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS count on waiting for Kaylee. She is an extremely slow shopper. ;)

:: Aud, Marvin, Shan and I went to NC for a friend's wedding the other weekend. We can say we truly risked our lives for it. The roads were horrible and we ended up doing about 3 donuts all over a 3 lane highway. ::
 :: We got to meet and see a lot of people we have been 'stalking' for years. ::
 :: And we got to go to this quaint little Andy Griffith museum. The ticket lady was just like out of a movie. With the complete Southern accent. Just listening to her made me automatically start talking back in the same drawl. ::
 :: A lovely friend from New York (Heather) came down with some other friends and surprised me. I love happy surprises like that!!! ::
 :: My entire family (plus the dating people and Josh, who is basically family) went out to eat together; a once a year experience. 19 of us!!! Having just started working as a dishwasher at a restaurant, I can sympathise with the kitchen workers. ::


You're a GREAT and SWELL friend, Maria =)
Christine said…
I like the facts you gave about your time with Kaylee, particularly the part about singing the words right that the singers got wrong. :)

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