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“Hi, my name is Maria and I’ll be taking care of you this evening.”

I thought it would be fun to do a post on being a waitress. I wish I could say that I wrote all of these. I didn't. I just renovated an article I recently read to fit my own experience. So here goes: 20 things about a server:
1. Your weekends start on Sundays. And ends on Sunday too. You try squeezing an entire weekend in one day. Not easy.

2.Wanting it to be busy but also wanting it to be soooo sloooow. Get busy and make money that you desperately need, or stay slow and get cut in time to have a social life? DECISIONS ARE HARD.
3. People who switch tables a hundred times.

Short Notes

Hey Psych (tv show),  You are seriously getting me through winter evenings. The one liners make my day! And also make me wonder why I can't think of such witty comebacks.
Hey Coworkers, Our discussions during slow hours at the restaurant really are strange, but hey! it's not just anyone who can have a half hour debate on where nursery rhymes originated from. (E.G. Was there REALLY every a Humpty Dumpty and was he/it and egg or a person?)
Hey Coffee Shop, You smell good. 
Hey New Shoes,  A nice heel, non slippery feel AND a strap with a vintage feel all for just $12.99?! YES, PLEASE!
Hey Adventures in Odyssey, Will I ever outgrow you? I hope not!
Hey Valentine's Day, Can't wait to 'Celebrate' you with friends. And I can buy myself some chocolates. =)
Hey Itch-to-travel, Just you wait until spring, I have plans for you!!!

In Which There Is A Sleepover...Er, Stay Awakeover...

So the other night a bunch of coworkers from the restaurant got together for a movie night/sleepover. I don't want to say how much junk food was's a little scary how much girls can eat when it's late at night. So with movies and DEEP discussions and food and more movies, we managed to mostly stay awake until sometime in the morning hours.  Thankfully none of us had to work, so we took half of the next day to get up, laugh at our own witty jokes, eat more junk food and eventually make our way to a coffee shop where we sleepily drank our coffee and tried to stay awake. Here are several pictures...we didn't take many. These girls are all either a waitress, hostess, or table cleaner: Karen, me, Marla, Joleen, LeAnna, Rose, Debbi, Sherri and Bethany Sherri LOVES nutella! Marla and Rose at the coffee shop Sherri, our lovely host for the sleepover.


There's nothing like a day spent with good friends such as these.  Me, Sherri, Katrina and Serena. (Congratulations to Katrina on her baptism yesterday.) Some best pals and coworkers; Leah and Sherri. The laughter is continuous with these two.  Sylvia and Leah, my beautiful friends. (Although not the most flattering picture of either of them.) =)