Tuesday, February 18, 2014

“Hi, my name is Maria and I’ll be taking care of you this evening.”

I thought it would be fun to do a post on being a waitress. I wish I could say that I wrote all of these. I didn't. I just renovated an article I recently read to fit my own experience. 

So here goes: 20 things about a server:

1. Your weekends start on Sundays.

And ends on Sunday too. You try squeezing an entire weekend in one day. Not easy.

2. Wanting it to be busy but also wanting it to be soooo sloooow.
Get busy and make money that you desperately need, or stay slow and get cut in time to have a social life? DECISIONS ARE HARD.

3. People who switch tables a hundred times.

‘This one is too dark. That one is too bright. This one is too secluded. That one is too loud.’ This table will take up maybe 45-90 minutes of your life. You are not Goldilocks. Please SIT DOWN!

4. Being ignored after saying hello to a table.

Gotta love those people who think that drinks, food, and requests for lemon slices and extra ketchup are magically appearing at their table at the hands of the Invisible Restaurant Ghost. Oh no wait, that’s me.

5. The agony that is the question “What is your favorite thing on the menu?”

“My favorite thing on the menu is whatever you want my favorite thing on the menu to be. Or the most expensive thing we have. Take your pick.”

6. Or even worse, “What kind of food do you have here?”

I didn't know you couldn't read?! Oh, but you can. And funny story - that’s what menus are for! That way I don’t have to recite everything that is literally in your hand, in front of your face right now.

7. People saying they’re ready to order when they are soooo not.

“I’d love to listen to you debate the food choices that you told me you made 10 minutes ago when I arrivedat this table, but I have to go do literally ANYTHING else. Plus I was seated with four more tables while you were talking. Nbd.”
8. People who are just plain picky.
You are not allergic to extra salt, the kitchen cannot “whip up” a raspberry vinaigrette for your salad, and no, we are not going to pick the tomatoes out of our tossed salad because you don’t like them.

9. Being blamed when food takes a long time to come out.

I am not in a chef’s coat because I am not the chef. I do not cook the food. I am a server. I serve. But table 74 gives you and your empty hands dirty, dirty looks every time you walk by, and that’s when you discover just how many ways there are to get around the restaurant without having to make eye contact with them.

10…unless you really did forget to send their food order in.

Believe me, the panic we feel that moment we realize this is worse then your hunger pains.

11. That person who needs an extra side of dressing. And when you come back with that, they need a sweet tea refill. And when you come back with that, they need another napkin. And when you come back with that…

I super appreciate the exercise, but I do my running in the morning with my Nike’s on. Make a list. Ask for it all at once. Pleaseandthankyou.

12. Being flagged down in any way, shape or form.

Please please please, for your safety and my job security, do not shake your glass of ice at me indicating you need a refill. Chances are, I’ve already noticed and it’s on my list of a million things to do. Chances also are that if you shake that glass of ice at me again, I will dump it down your shirt.

13. Last minute walk-ins.

Closing at 8pm does NOT mean that you can (or should) come in and order a three-course meal at 7:59. The sheer intensity of the death stares you receive will probably burn holes through your clothing. Just don’t do it. Under any circumstances. Ever.

14. This also goes for people who got there at 6:00 and want to sit around until midnight.

No, I will not give you another refill. Your coffee is cold because I poured it three hours ago. Get out.

15. Bad tips.

This is a serious PSA: Servers make $2.13 an hour. Two dollars and thirteen cents an hour, and (all and I do mean ALL) of that is taken by the government for taxes. We literally live off tips. It doesn’t matter if you’re at Waffle House, a local restaurant or Ruth Chris. If you can afford to eat out, you can always, always, always afford to leave a 20% tip.

16. But it’s not all bad! Most guests are very happy and pleasant…

Regulars are the BEST and if you banter with me, I will be your new best friend and might even try to get you free dessert.

17. …and we leave with cash every night.

We don’t even have to wait until Friday because every day we work is payday. I make it rain $1’s and $5’s!.

18. It’s practically a requirement to go out for coffee with our coworkers once we’re off…

We’re here, we’re ready, and there’s only two hours until the cafe closes. 

19. …and as a result, we make some pretty awesome friends.

You may not always love your restaurant, but you’ve gotta give them props for hooking you up with some your best friends. 

20. Plus we’ve learned to tip like crazy!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Short Notes

Hey Psych (tv show),
 You are seriously getting me through winter evenings. The one liners make my day! And also make me wonder why I can't think of such witty comebacks.

Hey Coworkers,
Our discussions during slow hours at the restaurant really are strange, but hey! it's not just anyone who can have a half hour debate on where nursery rhymes originated from. (E.G. Was there REALLY every a Humpty Dumpty and was he/it and egg or a person?)

Hey Coffee Shop,
You smell good. 

Hey New Shoes
A nice heel, non slippery feel AND a strap with a vintage feel all for just $12.99?! YES, PLEASE!

Hey Adventures in Odyssey,
Will I ever outgrow you? I hope not!

Hey Valentine's Day,
Can't wait to 'Celebrate' you with friends. And I can buy myself some chocolates. =)

Hey Itch-to-travel,
Just you wait until spring, I have plans for you!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

In Which There Is A Sleepover...Er, Stay Awakeover...

So the other night a bunch of coworkers from the restaurant got together for a movie night/sleepover. I don't want to say how much junk food was consumed...it's a little scary how much girls can eat when it's late at night. So with movies and DEEP discussions and food and more movies, we managed to mostly stay awake until sometime in the morning hours. 
Thankfully none of us had to work, so we took half of the next day to get up, laugh at our own witty jokes, eat more junk food and eventually make our way to a coffee shop where we sleepily drank our coffee and tried to stay awake.
Here are several pictures...we didn't take many.
These girls are all either a waitress, hostess, or table cleaner:
Karen, me, Marla, Joleen, LeAnna, Rose, Debbi, Sherri and Bethany
Sherri LOVES nutella!
Marla and Rose at the coffee shop
Sherri, our lovely host for the sleepover.

Monday, February 3, 2014


There's nothing like a day spent with good friends such as these. 
Me, Sherri, Katrina and Serena. (Congratulations to Katrina on her baptism yesterday.)
Some best pals and coworkers; Leah and Sherri. The laughter is continuous with these two. 
Sylvia and Leah, my beautiful friends. (Although not the most flattering picture of either of them.) =)