Short Notes

Hey Psych (tv show),
 You are seriously getting me through winter evenings. The one liners make my day! And also make me wonder why I can't think of such witty comebacks.

Hey Coworkers,
Our discussions during slow hours at the restaurant really are strange, but hey! it's not just anyone who can have a half hour debate on where nursery rhymes originated from. (E.G. Was there REALLY every a Humpty Dumpty and was he/it and egg or a person?)

Hey Coffee Shop,
You smell good. 

Hey New Shoes
A nice heel, non slippery feel AND a strap with a vintage feel all for just $12.99?! YES, PLEASE!

Hey Adventures in Odyssey,
Will I ever outgrow you? I hope not!

Hey Valentine's Day,
Can't wait to 'Celebrate' you with friends. And I can buy myself some chocolates. =)

Hey Itch-to-travel,
Just you wait until spring, I have plans for you!!!


Rissi said…
Cute! And your shoes do look adorbs, Maria! :)
Sandy said…
Lol. I love you!
Anonymous said…
Made my day:)
Naomi Rae said…
I love Adventures in Odyssey!! ;) I'm 13 and I still fall asleep to it. lol *sometimes... *

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