In Which There Is A Sleepover...Er, Stay Awakeover...

So the other night a bunch of coworkers from the restaurant got together for a movie night/sleepover. I don't want to say how much junk food was's a little scary how much girls can eat when it's late at night. So with movies and DEEP discussions and food and more movies, we managed to mostly stay awake until sometime in the morning hours. 
Thankfully none of us had to work, so we took half of the next day to get up, laugh at our own witty jokes, eat more junk food and eventually make our way to a coffee shop where we sleepily drank our coffee and tried to stay awake.
Here are several pictures...we didn't take many.
These girls are all either a waitress, hostess, or table cleaner:
Karen, me, Marla, Joleen, LeAnna, Rose, Debbi, Sherri and Bethany
Sherri LOVES nutella!
Marla and Rose at the coffee shop
Sherri, our lovely host for the sleepover.


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