Friends I Get To Spend Time With

 My bestie, Sherri, was able to fly down for a quick, half week visit. We had an incredible time, catching up, eating junk food, walking, riding the scooter, watching movies and just laughing. Because Sherri always makes me laugh.
 Sadly my 'Grandparents' went home last week. I miss hanging out with them.

I met Linda at the park a couple of weeks ago. Turns out we live in the same area and have mutual friends. She was one of the rare and wonderful people that I can just meet and instantly 'click' with.
 Sherri, Emily and Marilyn are all coworkers of mine up North. And both Marilyn and Emily have been down here all winter as well.

 Taking time out of our day to pose with an Amish man and his buggy.
 I love this friend.
 And these goofballs.


Sherri Troyer said…
i miss that week o so much=) but i had a grand time...

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