Old Friend

We were able to go spend the day with our German exchange student (and his family) from several years ago. Micha spent 5 months in the states with our family and went to the local high school. He became a great friend and it was great to see him again in HIS country.
We all went to the Mercedes-Benz Museum. So much history and antique cars.
Miriam (Micha's sis) and I
Janel was impressed! 
Micha, me, Janel, Natasha, Ahn and Miriam
We went to the mall and did some shopping...and playing with Legos...who could build the highest tower
After a wonderful dinner at Micha's place...(we learned how to open a chocolate package) we gathered for a group picture.
Here we all are, minus Miriam. Was a wonderful day!!!


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