This group of people are the best. We got to hang out all weekend. (They even came to visit me at work. Bless their hearts.)
 :: Out for a little Sunday drive. This is how we roll. (Also how we get the neighbors to look.) ::
 :: We look normal... ::
 ::...but we aren't...::
 ::Want to know how you almost get kicked out of the Walmart parking lot??? Try doing this sort of thing in front of the store. ::
Yup. It was a blast. Some of things we did:

Volley ball (until we were sick of it)

Ice cream (yum!) Do NOT sit on TOP of the picnic tables. It makes the workers grumpy. (Who knew that was against the rules?)

Rides in my new car (Isn't he adorable?) The guys found a new way of making the tires squeal. Lift the car from the back, rev it up and drop it. It works!!!

The telling of lots of lame jokes ('Shut up turkey, I know what I'm doing.')

Eating popcorn around the fire until we were blue in the face.

Becoming Walmart greeters (boy were we good!)

Should I mention the cops showing up? (Don't worry. Nothing bad happened and it turned into a funny story.)
And for those who are SOOO worried that we did some horrible deeds to cause this, rest easy. It was a funny mishap that was not evil OR sinful. Thanks for your 'concern.'


Anonymous said…
So you can play volleyball till your sick of it?!!? That's new!!!!
Sheila Glick said…
It was Awesome!!!! We have to do it again sometime... Like soon!! =)
Sharla said…
That was SO.MUCH.FUN. Definantly gotta do it again...soon!!!! =)
Anonymous said…
It was 'your' blessed heart that bribed us all into coming to see you at work. :) Which we all did want to anyway. Ha. (We forgot to make you pay for it all) ;)

Who is "I am the one who posted the poem about facebook?" That is a good thought.

Maria said…
Whoever keeps posting all the 'anonymous' comments about 'God seeing all the horrible stuff we did', please either quit hiding and use your name OR come directly to me about your concerns.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good story are you gonna post it? I'd like to hear it! Crystal
Anonymous said…
You wrote all the horrible stuff we did. Are you agreeing it was not good or what?! I do hope you see that it was not a good thing for someone who calls themselves a Christian. This would also apply for your so called friends. True Christian friends would not go along with what all you guys did.
Maria said…
Notice I put 'all the horrible stuff we did' in quotations. Which means they were not my words, but yours.
Anonymous said…
Sorry you do not see your wrongs but God did. Also I do see the quotation's guess your pride won't let you see you were in the wrong.I hope you will be before you do more ungodly things to shame the gospel of Christ.
Anonymous said…
Well some people don't see past there stupidity and also can't get a joke (SUCH AS THE QUOTATION MARKS) if you don't have any thing reasonable to say don't say it!!!!
A Stupidity spotter
Anonymous said…
If you think its so bad then go talk to the person don't hide behind your computer, And if your just doing it to run Maria down then do it some other place such as there are many sites dedecated for that purpose they like chewing people up and spitting them all over there fourms. Thank you so much (IN ADVANCE)
Anonymous said…
Hi Maria, I am one of the Anonymous. I posted the poem, I am sorry for upsetting you I had no means, I am not sorry for sharing the poem. Not long ago I got a letter from someone and it didn't feel good at the time but I appreciate it now. I am a mother of five dear children and I have regrets from doing foolish things when I was a teenager and young adult. As a mother I see what I did didn't hurt me at the time. Yes it was very immature of me. I Wish someone would have told me. I realize you weren't alone, and weren't alone in doing it I was addressing the whole group. But you posted the post and I saw it. I know you don't know me and I only know you by your posts so I encourage you to let your light shine in all places at all times. Stand for the truth dear sister!
( p.s. I don't know who the other anonyous people are......)
Anonymous said…
Guess I don't understand why a true believer would try and post something to sound bad by needing the police when it wasn't something bad that they did but something that went wrong. I do think we need to stop trying to point out the wrongs as the seed isn't falling on good soil.
Maria said…
I was trying to write about our adventures. NOT trying to make us sound bad. Some people read things and automatically jump to conclusions about the intent of the writer.

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