Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 We had a lovely weekend with lots of great friends.
 :: Three of some of the best friends you could ask for; Brenda, Sue and Sharla. (With the adorable Abel.) ::
 :: Water drinking contests...that I can't win. ::
 :: Riding on the back of the tractor = the 'in' thing to do. ::
 :: bonfire conversations ::
 :: Hay rides ::
 :: Volley ball after not playing for WEEKS AND WEEKS ::
 :: The family; Garth, Aud, Mia, Brock, Clark, Mom, Clay, Dad, Logan, Trev, Shan, Brady, Miles, Christine, Blake, Trent ::


Sharla said...

That was tons of fun! We'll have to go down next year too!!! =)

Sharla said...

Time for an update!!!