:: I got to spend a whole week in PA for Bible school. 21 messages in 7 days!!! It was great meeting new friends, staying up late every night and singing with a huge group of people. ::
:: Me and Amber. Yes, she is as cool as she looks. =) ::
:: Tabs and B. ::
 :: These three girls; Amber, Tabitha and Heather, are the ones who stayed at the same place as me. We had a lot of fun together. ::
 :: A new friend, Krislyn, and I ::
 :: On Wednesday evening there was no evening session, so we had some friends over to the place we were staying. ::
 :: Teaching some of them a new game ::
 :: We were all tired out from laughing so hard!!! ::
 :: My prayer group ::
 :: Walking between sessions ::
 :: Dorcas and I ::
 :: Liz, me, Hannah, Judith and Tabs ::
 :: Scrabble ::
 :: Volley ball on Saturday morning!!! ::
 :: Taking pictures with new friends on Sunday afternoon ::
 :: Out for ice cream after the last of Bible School. ::

 :: This is the Ohio group I was in ::


Anonymous said…
Good to see some of your pics from the week of YBS. It's gr8 seeing some of those awesome faces again!!! I enjoyed meeting you, Maria! It was a very good week...=)

Janelle Horner
Sharla said…
Yay! You updated!!! *high five.*
Looks like you had tons of fun!
Sheila Glick said…
Love all the pics.
You blog finally woke up. :-)

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