People I Miss

 :: I miss...Sharla. My buddy. Pal. Fellow writer-of-letters. She has a great sense of humor. ::
 :: I miss...Amber, Tabs and Heather...I REALLY miss these girls. The late night talks and laughing in our pillows so the guys in the next room won't hear us. ::
 :: I miss...All of these grand people...the games of Wink and Poor Pussy and ice cream eating times. ::
 :: I miss... Liz, Judith, Hannah and Tabs- the walks around the church and good times!!! ::
 :: I miss...these kids. I haven't seen them for almost 2 years and I haven't been out to visit them in 3 years. ::
 :: I miss...this crazy girl. I need her here to help me sing when the radio gets the words wrong on my favorite songs. ::
 :: I miss...Grandma and Grandpa Seevers. Even if they aren't really my grandparents.::
:: I miss...Micha. Our 'brother' from Germany. He actually is coming to see us in August!!! ::


Sharla said…
I miss you too. And we ARE going down in August! =)

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