Ouvrir - To Start, Begin

Our first evening in Paris and we were starving. On the reccomendation of the woman who showed us our apartment, we made our way to a small restaurant. (Walking, because who would EVER try to drive in this city?! I can't tell your how crazy the traffic is!!!
Do you know how hard it is to communicate when you can only understand "oui", so that word gets repeated over and over with nods and pointing and smiles. Eventually, with the help of several people who knew some broken English, we ordered some food and water.
 Ahhh...it was so good to eat. We had boeuf à la Bourguignonne, potatoes (imagine that I said that with an accent), French fries (REAL ones, because this IS France after all), some sort of seafood in shells. Janel ordered this and I tried them to be adventurous. Which here means; I closed my eyes, gagged and swallowed.
Let me tell you, American's version of French bread is NOT spot-on. French have AMAZING bread.
And now, it is 21:36, so I need to get some sleep. (9:30) 


Rissi said…
Sounds yummy, Maria. :)

Paris is a someday dream for me; maybe I'll see it, maybe I won't.
Anonymous said…
One "c", two "m's". ;-).

Lol. So, they do have french fries in France. I always imagined that was an American invention.

Christine said…
That bread looks amazing!!!
You WOULD like the bread:)
Sandy said…
Yum! I wanna go to France, An try REAL French Fries too! :)

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