Florida is Where I Live

Yes, I moved to Florida for the winter. I've been here since the beginning of December and won't be back in Ohio until sometime in April. I work at an Amish style restaurant, sorta like the one I work at up north, just like triple the size. 
 My journey to Florida had a rough start. The truck taking me to the airport broke down about 2 miles from our destination. What was there to do but walk as briskly as possible to make it for my flight?! I was in heeled boots and so was my friend Sherri. (((blisters))) We DID make it, just in time.
I knew a total of 3 people when I arrived. Thankfully I work with 2 of them. They helped me get used to things. I decided not take a vehicle down, so my mode of transportation was a bike.
About a week after I arrived, some amazing friends came down for a week and I got to spend several days with them. Good times.
We spent quite a few hours on the beach. I mean, this IS Florida.
My Grandparents come down for about 2 months every winter, 2 of my siblings came for a weekend and one of my best pals came for a week with her family. It was a wonderful reunion with all of them.
Sweet Berries with a bestie. I miss this girl immensely.
And then all the Ohio people returned to the land of the frozen and I was left to fend for myself. Ok, it wasn't that bad. But it forced me (thankfully) to make new friends. Which turned out lovely. 
This is my adopted Florida Mom Charlene. Some weeks I'm at her house more then my own. She feeds me and gives me advice and hugs and is a lovely person inside and out. And then there is Diane. The first morning we worked together I said, "I decided we should be friends." She said, "ok." And then we were. We laugh a lot. Which is important in a friendship.
I got tired of biking everywhere. So I got myself a scooter. One of my coworkers also drives one. We are scooter buddies. Anna and I have lots of fun scootering to various places together.
Sometimes I take a passenger. That would be Diane behind me.
Then my married sister Aud and her husband Marvin came and surprised me. We only had like 2 days together, but we loved reconnecting as friends and sisters again.

I've got an awesome group of friends/coworkers here. We go bowling, or watch a movie or go to beach and watch people with food get attacked by sea gulls. Then we go get ice cream. It's seriously kind of like a party all the time here. I mean we all work a lot, but even then, we are with friends, so it's fun then too.
 One Sunday afternoon, riding an elephant. Because when do you ever get the chance to do that?!
 Yes, I am glad I came.


Sherri Troyer said…
sniff sniff, i miss you so much, and im counting down the days till you return
Sharla said…
So happy to see this post - twas about time. ;) Looks like a blast!!! And I'm happy your having a great time.
I'm also happy that your coming back in the future. =) (Because after all, living in FL the rest of your time would be the worst! Right? =P)
You, my friend are having a blast. It is a very good thing that you went down there. I miss you and feel like the only person who didn't go to see you and hang out with you on the beach, which makes me deeply sad. But,keep having so much fun and I will make special effort to go see you in Ohio in the Spring. So happy you're making lots of friends too....:)

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