Part 1 of Many

This is a hodge podge of photo memories from part of my summer.
Ice cream is always a good idea. Always.
When friends from childhood come over for a couple of hours. Ah, the memories...
Work. Lately it has been busy and stressful and sometimes, when I can't keep up with all of my tables, I just want to walk out and never serve another table again. But these people help get me through.
This is my brother Logan, he is pretty cool. And he is holding my favorite nephew. I do try not to be one of those annoying aunts who talk of nothing but what their nieces and nephews, but it is difficult.
My grandparents and I spent a day fishing together. It was awesome. And after a while I even quit gagging over putting worms on the hook. My Grandpa is a great fisherman.

My church had a game night and invited some local officers to join us. I was honored to present one of them with a gift basket.
This is my family. And our best try a nice picture.
And this picture because I like it and I remember the happiness of that evening.


Lisa said…
Oh, I hope you post more soon! I love you blog.
Anonymous said…
yes please! ;)

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